I’m so beyond excited!!! First time at the dentist after the 21 days with Sarah Andros [Happy Mouth™ Certified Practitioner] – my dentist told me not to see him for another 12 mths – says no dentist ever!! I am bad for dental income! Lol hdigbtt!!!! I have had receding gums, gingivitis and tmj and this is the first time ever no concerns. My body called for it 6 mths prior and I am incredibly grateful for trusting in it and just listening to my body!!!! Xx …..

Nat Manasseh

I have been asking for this! Thank you! Can’t wait to get more!!!


I realised from listening to something Dr Tom said in an interview that I had a tiny infection at the base of a root canal that was undermining my whole health. So I bought the tele call series and listened to the calls and also played them at night (on no volume) while I slept. I got the hands-on processes run on my face/jaw. The difference that has made to my life has been immense! Oh, last time I went to the dentist, I apparently no longer need the fillings I was scheduled for. That wasn’t something I was focussing on! How does it get any better?

Shauna Teaken

The series is amazing, beyond magical (F-ing brilliant) and intense – I had to stop listening and take a break yesterday as so much was coming up for me! (I consider this an added value!!)

Phoebe Gibbs

So happy I took this call. Opened up a different reality not only about teeth and the mouth but also about the body and life, living, dying and the choices we have of choosing differently. Thank you.


Ever since I heard you on Voice America with Gary Douglas, and play your clearings from that call, my teeth, gums and jaw ache less often. How cool is that?


Just wanted to say I’m loving Happy Mouth™! I had my teeth cleaned recently & the hygienist asked what else I was doing ’cause my gums are starting to grow back & I’m no longer looking long in the tooth! Hehe how did I get so lucky? I’m so grateful for you & Dr Tom!

Cas Phillips, Australia

I attended Dr. Tom’s Happy Mouth™ Workshop. I have had chronic gum disease for a lifetime. For the last 48 hours, after attending the class my gums have felt strong, solid, irritation free and dare I say healthy and “happy”? So after these first two days-What else is possible? Thank you Dr. Tom!


Using the tools of Dr. Tom has saved me over $6,000 in dental bills! All I can say is: IT WORKS! Thank you!


WOW! After just one class I had noticeably less plaque!


Am enjoying Dr Tom’s telecalls. The great thing about the Gums Telecall [call #2] is that my receded gums are no more. How does it get better than that? While there is more to come, this alone has made this telecall series worthwhile.

Rod C

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