Intro Evenings

The Happy Mouth Intro Evenings are held around the world by Happy Mouth Facilitators  – either as a live event or online. It’s an overview of what Happy Mouth is, how it began, and what to expect in a class

In the Happy Mouth Intro class, the facilitator will give a brief explanation of how Happy Mouth started, and how it works. She’ll demonstrate a Happy Mouth session and activate the master point for dental health for all participants during the intro evening, in addition to running clearings so participants can experience change with their dental health right away.

A happy, healthy mouth is a key to longevity and is about so much more than appearances!

Recent studies have shown that up to 80% of disease in the body can be linked to issues in the mouth.

Many people have fear or even loathing of going to the dentist!

The Intro class is $28USD, which is credited back if you take the Basics class later.




The Basics Class

Happy Mouth™ Intro Evenings & Basics Classes are held by Shauna Teaken, World Wide Coordinator for Happy Mouth, and Happy Mouth Basics Facilitators around the world.

Happy Mouth Basics is where participants can learn some of the Happy Mouth head points to do sessions for Tooth Decay & Gum Disease and begin helping family and friends with their dental health.

This class is 3.5 hours, and the focus is on learning how to run a Happy Mouth session for gum health and tooth decay – the most common dental health problems for most people. Participants will receive a manual including the charts showing the relevant head points to be activated, so that they can then run sessions on others.

The Basics Class cost is $270USD 

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You can now purchase a video recording  of the Happy Mouth Intro and the Basics class, and begin running Happy Mouth sessions.

Translations available in both Spanish and French

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