Dr. Tom Kolso has been practicing dentistry for more than 20 years.

During that time he began to question what else was possible beyond the modern dentistry approach of removing tissues such as gum and teeth and replacing them with artificial substances like fillings and crowns.

He wondered what would it be like to consciously regrow missing teeth, gum tissue, and bone structures?

Would it be possible to have plaque and calculus NOT build up on your teeth?

Modern dentistry says these things are impossible—is that the truth or is it a big fat lie??

Dr Tom facilitates 3 of the Happy Mouth 3 day trainings each year around the world.




Become a Facilitator

You too can be a Happy Mouth Intro & Basics faciliator!
During the Covid restrictions, the prerequisites to become facilitator are a little different, and will change in the future. Right now, you need to have attended at least one, 3 Day live class with either Dr Tom or Shauna, and then a livestream 3 day class. There’s a faciltator’s licence, conditions and fees. If you’d like to know more, please ask for the Facilitator’s guide to be sent to you.


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